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The 2019 Bond Set for Nov. 16th Ballot

Just the Facts

The City of Shreveport has aggressively paid off its debt. In fact, Shreveport's only remaining general obligation debt comes from the 2011 authorization.

2011 Projects Completed
2011 Projects are in Progress
2011 Projects will be Complete by the end of 2019
What is a General Obligation Bond?

Cities routinely use municipal bonds to finance capital investments for public safety, technology, streets and drainage, park improvements, and economic development.

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Are the 2011 bond projects complete?

The 2011 bond included 96 projects and 83 are currently completed. We expect the number of completed 2011 projects to rise to 90 by the end of the year.

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Does the 2019 bond raise my taxes?

This bond does not raise taxes. It lowers them. The 2019 bond continues a portion of the 6.2 mills dedicated to expiring bonds. Property taxes in Shreveport are currently at a 35-year low, and this proposal continues that trend.

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Municipal Bond 101

  • What is a General Obligation Bond?

    Municipal bonds are issued by cities to fund public projects. General obligation bonds are not secured by assets; rather, they are backed by the full faith and credit of the issuer, which, in this case, is the City of Shreveport and its citizens. For this reason, bond proposals are subject to direct taxpayer review.

  • What can General Obligation Bonds be used for?

    Cities use municipal bonds to finance capital improvement projects such as police and fire stations, roads, bridges, park improvements, and technological infrastructure.

The Projects

Find out what each project is, see the presentations given to the citizens, and learn more about the needs of each department.
Water & Sewerage
  • Amiss Intake Structure Repairs
  • Citywide Water Improvements
  • Citywide Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Amiss WTF Tran. Piping and Valve Replacement
See the Projects
SPAR, Police, Fire
  • New Police HQ
  • Fire Department Vehicles
  • Citywide Playground Improvements
  • Police Substations
  • Click below to see all projects
See the Projects
Streets & Drainage
  • Citywide Roadway Improvements
  • Cooper Road Ditch (MLK Ditch)
  • Linwood Ave Overpass
  • MLK Area-Wide Roadway Improvements
  • Click below to see all projects
See the Projects
Are you increasing taxes?

This will not increase your taxes, and in fact property taxes will go down.

Why do we need bonds?

Bond monies go towards capital projects that cannot be funded by the operating budgets in the General Fund. For many projects, bonds are the funding sources available.

Why do we need to do this now?

Many buildings and critical infrastructure are in great need of repair, and operating budgets cannot support the maintenance costs.

What is the bond process?

Mayor Perkins and the Council chose two citizens from their districts. After reviewing all of the City directors' greatest needs, the Citizen Committee presented recommendations to Mayor Perkins and the Council.

The City Council then passed the bond proposal by majority vote, recommending it to be sent on to the voters in November.

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